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Monday, November 7, 2011


A grandmother is a special person specifically chosen by God to enhance a family.
This person is caring, compassionate, forgiving, and generous
This woman is accepting and willing to overlook our flaws
A grandmother binds her family together and is therefore referred to as the glue of the family.

Grandchildren seek out their grandmas for comfort, advice, and unconditional love.
She is the wise one with years and knowledge that surpass ours
She is the voice of reasoning when we are too ignorant to see the truth
She is the one to say, “you are wrong, but I still love you.”
She is the ultimate weapon against any one wishing to harm one of her precious little babies.
Word of caution, if you wish to speak ill against us please don’t do it in front of our grandmas. This is about the only time the ugly comes out.

They give us 100% percent event when there bodies only function at 50%.
Time marshes on and eventually time will steal our grandmas from us.
There comes a point as they age, their bodies fill with aches and pains.  
They feel sorrow for outliving their own families and friends.
This is when God steps in and says “My Angels, you have done your job and now it is time to come home.”

For us grandkids left behind we grieve and grieve but deep inside we know our beloved is no longer suffering.
But I ask you, how do we fill that void in our hearts they have left empty?
It’s been almost six years since my angel died and that void grows emptier and emptier.

This is dedicated to my grandmother Lydia Diaz and to Olga Paneto, who became my second grandmother the day I met Jimmy, two beautiful angels who are deeply missed by their families. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ode to Night

How I love thee night
Quietly you fall upon us
You bring darkness
Making slumber fill little children’s eyes
And taking my daily stress away with you

You fill me with silence
You fill me with serenity
You awaken my mind with thoughts
You bring me creativity and fresh ideas
This is why I love the night,
My me time, my time 
Oh how I love thee night