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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Deadly Dreams

To understand how Vivian ended up about to die, I needs to take you back to the day it all started. The day Vivan agreed to do her best friend a favor.  This was the day her photos were taken.
The day was March 3, 2013. Her heart jump started into gear when the phone rung early that Saturday morning. Vivan wondered who would be so bold as to call us so early in morning. It was barely five thirty.
“Hello!” Vivian grunted.
            “Vivian, I’m sorry I woke you up darling but I need to ask you for a huge favor and before you say no just let me finish okay.” It was her best friend, Daniella.   
Vivian sighed loudly as she sat up in her bed and wiped the crust from her eyes. “What is it now?” It was just like Daniella always needing a small favor or two. 
“I need you desperately today.  I’m shooting my new fashion line for a magazine layout and I hired a model.  But the model I hired was called to Milan for a runway show and left immediately. She won’t be back for 2 more days.”  Daniella whinnied in her ear forcing Vivian to get up from the bed so she didn’t wake her boyfriend, Peter, who was snoring away. Vivian went to the bathroom to talk on the phone.  
“I see Daniella, then why don’t you reschedule the photographer for Tuesday then?”
 “Because the deadline to submit her photos to the magazine is Tuesday, now do you see my dilemma? I don’t have time to find another photographer and find another model. It’s just impossible.  If I don’t submit my photos to the magazine by Tuesday then I won’t be in the magazine. Don’t you see this is my big break and I may never get this opportunity again. I……just can’t blow this chance.” Daniella cried on the other side.
Vivian wanted nothing more than to go back to bed and curl up on Peter’s chest.
“Okay Daniella I understand your situation but I still don’t know what you need me to do?  How can I help?” She asked only to rush her friend off the phone.
 Daniella pleaded in her sweetest voice.  “Viv please, please, do me this one favor, and I will forever be in your debt.  I need you to be my model for the photo shoot.” Vivian remained silent in the bathroom waiting for the punch line but it never came. Daniella was serious.