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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Murphy's Law

August 22, 2016

Murphy’s Law never gives up/ The truth about Onyx

Murphy’s law- when things can go wrong they will. In my life- Murphy ’s Law- rules it all, my love life, my career, my home life, my writing goals, everything. Maybe the word was invented for me although the term has been around way before I was born in 1975. Some people experience this from time to time and can easily sum it up as a little bad luck, but for some people like myself, Murphy’s Law is a way of life. I have come to never hope for the best, and never try to attract good luck in my life because this is a waste of time; time which can be spent planning how to fix what’s already gone wrong.

I have come to refer to this Murphy’s law phenomenon as having my own little black cloud, a permanent black cloud who I have named Onyx. Onyx is indeed my personal tormentor the one who enforces Murphy’s Law upon my life. In fact that is its only purpose in its creation, to torment me by taking away all my good fortune and keeping happiness at bay.  This has been the struggle of my life. I feel that this thing has been with me since my birth. In my mind I can picture an image of myself sucking on a binky and having an invisible hand pull it out my mouth, enter Onyx into my life. I can go on for days on my teen years torment, maybe some other time. What is sad is that I am now forty and this little black cloud that could, and does, has not abandoned me yet. What is it about me that makes me so appealing? Rabbits foot, forget it, lucky clover, don’t count on it, horseshoe hanging above my front door- are you nuts, that shitt would fall and hit me right in the head, prayers, yeah they work for a bit but Onyx always comes back with vengeance.  

Because of the unpredictability of Onyx, I have been an avid follower of my monthly horoscope. My favorite being Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone. When planning things out in my life it helps to follow my horoscope advice as there are days that are lucky days, or star days within the month. Now for any other normal person these days can be extremely lucky and bring about great things to the individual in the areas of money, love, health, social life, etc. , but for me these are just days that are normal. A normal day with no interference from Onyx. And I have come to accept this. For the month of August I had to star days, August 21-22, and Susan suggested doing things such as interviewing, making any sort of contract, and even submitting manuscripts on these two days. And that’s exactly what I did. I waited until August 22 to submit my manuscript to a publisher which had shown interest in the first three chapters. I actually thought I might have a shot at this but low and behold Onyx had other plans. The manuscript was not submitted because the Publisher’s website was down, a problem with the server, yeah go figure. I figured it was just a temporary thing and attempted to send it four times, and four times I got the error message. Onyx wins again. So what can I say I did after this disappointing episode? I could say that I drank half a pint of rum, or that I cried like a baby curled up in the fetal position at this Onyx incident, perhaps that I ate a half gallon of chocolate ice cream, and half of bag of Doritios in an attempt to forget about my miserable life? Well I didn’t because I have learned from previous experience that it doesn’t change shitt! This time I threw my hands in the air and said “fuck it”

So anyways my point in this rant to let the other people out there, who are inflicted by their own black little cloud, that you are not alone. There are others out there just like us. The best thing you can do is accept it, and hope that maybe one day, the cloud will just leave you alone, and Murphy’s law will no longer apply to you. If not then fuck it because life goes on.