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Monday, September 23, 2013

Blown Away

Use the words from your favorite song, or the song stuck in you head, mix them up and write a short story based on the lyrics.
Song- Blown Away by Carrie Underwood

"There's not enough rain in Oklahoma to wash the sins out of that house. There's not enough wind in Oklahoma to rip the nails out of the past."
 That's because the darkness lives in that house has a hold over the past, present, and future. They say a place, a house, or land never forgets its tragedies and they are right. For decades the house trapped the horrors of the past within its walls without releasing it. All the tears cried in that house could fill an ocean. All the blood shed there could supply a blood bank for years. Yet the house still stood regardless of the time eating away its exterior and interior. It survived the storms, floods, fires. Its hold on the land could not be broken for the house was the land and the land was the house.
I was the last one to inhabit the home. After 3o days I left and vowed never to return or set foot in the house or land. That I swore as I poured gasoline on the floors of every single room, then lit the match. I watched the fire take life before leaving the flames to do its job. Its job was to destroy but it didn't destroy the house. Two days later I drove by and saw the house still standing strong, and laughing at me. "Ha, ha, ha. You think you can destroy me?" the house roared at me. I didn't stop the car and drove away fearful, stunned, thoughtful of what kid of evil dwells there?

The evil in that house is the evil that never dies. Evil that has been here on earth before mankind and will exist after mankind. The one clue I once discovered as to the nature of the evil presence was in the basement. On the ground, written in what appeared to be blood was the word, Beliah. I looked it up, Beliah was a fallen angel. Was this his dwelling, his land? Were we simply visitors at his house until he felt the need for us to leave, because that’s how I felt. I never felt at home in the 16th century farmhouse in Oklahoma. Although I was a widower with no children, I was never alone in that house. I heard him talking. I sensed his presence, a heaviness that sucked the air our of the space and I saw the shadows. He was always watching me, touching me, scarring me, and loathing me. For I was human and humans still have a chance to enter into God's Kingdom. We are his children and God loves us and forgives us but for the dark ones, the fallen angel he had no salvation, no forgiveness, so he hated me. He wanted to take my life. That was the ultimate goal, always to end my life after corrupting me and damming me to hell. That was his only purpose in life, to dwell in that house and destroy lives and collect souls for the dark one. But I, I walked away. I did not succumb to the house's fate. I survived it with the help of my might father, God!

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