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Thursday, September 26, 2013


I knew since I was little I was different. They way I always saw things before they happened, the way my senses alerted me to danger, unlike anyone I knew. I could see better than all my peers, I could smell better than a hound dog, I could hear the sound of a pin drop. I could out run anybody and anything even the fastest dog on the block. I could jump fences and trees as if I were made of flexible rubber. I even jumped from the roof of my three-story apartment building and landed on my two feet, it was a dare, hey I was only ten years old but what a rush, I never felt so alive as I did soaring thru the air. I felt no fear at all.
Fearless, worriless, boundary-less that was me.  Until I started to put the pieces together. The one thing I feared was water. A fear of drowning took over me whenever I attempted to submerge myself into a lake, pool, or watering hole. I just couldn’t do it. And cats, I loved cats as they love me.  I had a way with them, like I understood them and vice versa. Even the when large cats, Tigers. Visiting the zoo became a hobby for me. I found the most comfort sitting in front of the Tiger’s cage and watching them, studying them. I felt as if I could read their minds. But that was impossible. I knew that but I still took comfort in thinking about the possibility.
And that’s when it happened, the day I sat by the Tiger, I named Cindy. There was something bothering her that day. She paced back and forth in her cage. “What’s wrong Cindy?” My mind thought. And that’s when I heard her respond but it was just a tiger’s roar that all around me heard but I didn’t. I heard her speak in English to me. “You need to free me; you will need my help my friend. Your life will be in danger once they know who you are?”

The voice in my head was accompanied by shearing pain like claws puncturing my brain. I yelled in pain, holding my head as I crutched down on the ground. “Stop it.” I yelled and she responded. “I’m sorry my friend, I know it is painful but I have to warn you. Please set me free, I am your only friend.” Despite the pain I stood up and got close to the cage as I could. She stood in front of me and our eyes locked. I saw in her eyes, a yellow gold ball and slowly it turned into a world, a world filled with humans who looked cat like. Cat people. I backed away, fear running through me, and ran as fast as I could without looking back. 

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