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Friday, November 8, 2013

The Night Rider/ Mervin

            He stumbled out of the bar. He could not walk a straight line if his life depended on it. It took some time for him to even find his car keys, a sign that he should not be on the road. The rain beat down on him, angry that he could be so callous. Once the engine on his bike roared, he was off with no regards to anything. He'd given up cars after the  accident. Now he saw them as dangerous death traps, another accident waiting to happen. He felt safer on the bike, and he felt good knowing he couldn't kill someone with his bike.
            Mervin had worked as a detective after leaving the sheriff's department. He just didn't feel comfortable working in a place where whispers followed him, at each corner. He knew what they were saying. He was never liked there before anyways because he didn't follow the rules. He made his ends meet but after a while the cases stopped coming in. He was known for sloppy work that is working under the influence. But the less he worked, the more he drank and it became a vicious cycle.

            Now he worked as a lousy janitor for the local high school in town. They pay was just enough to keep his bills paid and a drink in his hands. Sometimes he skipped eating simply because he would rather spend his money on alcohol than food. He could always go down tot the homeless shelter and eat if he wanted.
            He past the Motel on Golden Avenue and that's when he saw the rider. Out of the darkness the rider awakens like a raging animal and pulled up right behind Mervin. The rider zig-zagged between the lanes, showing off. Not again, Mervin thought. He stuck his hand out and waved for them to pass but he wouldn't. Mervin wasn't in the mood and in no condition to entertain the hooligan by racing him.
            They were all hooligans. There was a gang of them bike riders at the high school. Bad asses, all of them. If he was still deputy sheriff he would put them all in jail were they belonged. 

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