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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Night Rider

The Night Rider
I had lived my life for this moment. And I was willing to die for my cause. I practiced and practiced since his death. I had no attachments. I made sure not to date  because it was just too complicated. Once you let a man in your life, they want to know it all. What motivates you? What plans do you have for the future? Where do you see us in the future? Who, what, where, when? I did not have time for that. Plus no one understood my reasoning. I was told so many times, to just let it go. But no one understood my pain, my loss. How can I let it go? He was all I had. He was my world. After his death I went to live with my grandmother who was so old she could not offer me much but a roof over my head, and food on the table which I had to cook and buy at the store. I cooked, I cleaned, I ran her errands, and did the groceries.
I revved my engine up. She, who I named Rita, vibrated underneath my thighs. She was my bitch tonight and I knew she was in sync with me. She knew my mission and how important it was for her to function at optimal speed, there was no room for errors tonight. I had re-contrusted Rita my 1979 Harley Davidson piece by piece, carefully choosing her parts and putting her together with much love. It took me nearly two years but she was well worth it. To me, she was priceless because without her there would be no revenge, and this moment would never come
He rode past me and I pulled up right besides him. He knew what I wanted. It was always the same. Me, the faceless biker egging him for a good race and most of the time he complied. Little did he know today it was different. Today was the anniversary of my brother’s death, December 12, and today would be the day I would kill him. “Blood for blood eye for eye.” I whispered in the night. You are mine tonight, Mervin
I believed in the law of the ancients, a life for a life. Why should he be allowed to live while my brother laid six feet deep? If the legal system would not make him pay then I would. I give him the signal I want to race him, I nod and wait for him to nod and he does. It’s on. I let him think he has a chance by only performing at half of Rita’s potential. I knew the road like the back of my hand. This road was my playground. While other girls are off doing cheerleading, sleepovers, dating all the fun teen stuff I practiced on this here piece of road. I knew all its curves and its slippery patches. I knew exactly how many holes there were in the pavement and how to avoid them but he did not. And most important I knew the exact spot where the road cut off and dipped into a dangerous ravine. Many cars as well as people have come to and end there lives there and this is what I was hoping would be Mervin’s dooms fall as well. Only those who knew the road well could avoid it during the day. But now it was a dark rainy night, the road was treacherous and he was not sober.

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